QuantII FA15

I am teaching Intermediate Quantitative Methods in Fall 2017 (Wed 9-12). I will teach Behavioral Econ/Game Theory and Data Visualization in R for Public Policy in Spring 2018. Data Viz in R will be open to all students who have taken Intro to Quant and does NOT require any programming experience. The class will be structured as an introduction to programming in R. The prerequisite is enthusiasm and willingness to put in 3-4 hours into writing code every week.

My classes focus on applications — students work extensively on their projects and problem sets and exams focus on identifying and applying theory in the wild. Click here for examples of student projects from previous years.

I am also the director and instructor for GSPIA Math Camp. This is the quantitative methods bootcamp the week before the semester, capped with the Amazing Analytics Race where students pair up to solve a series of clues. As in previous years, the GSPIA Math Camp will take place the week before school starts: Wednesday-Thursday, August 24-25

Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 Hall of Fame:

  • FA 16: Intermediate Quantitative Methods (PIA 2023 / 3000)
    Wednesday, 9-12 in Room 3800.
    TA: Erin Carbone
    Top 2 research talks:

      1. Xinyi Hang: Gender Differences in Education in China
      2. Martina Gessell: Is Income Inequality Affected by Corruption? and (tie) Nicholas Langston: The Effect of Shall Carry Laws on Murder Rates
  • SP 17: Game Theory and Behavioral Economics (PIA 2202)
    Tuesday, 12-3 in Room 3800
    Best case studies:

      1. Meng Li and Weijia Wu: The Modified Centipede Game in Multistage Startup Financing
      2. Luis Aloso and Tyler O’Daniel: The Ukraine Crisis: Chicken Games and Adverse Selection
      3. Leona Xu and Bob Kozlowski: Deception on the Battlefield